Press Release AACIMINAR : Expand The Capabilities 2022

AACIM x Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Keluarga fan Konsumen (HIMAIKO) IPB UNIVERSITY

Excap 2022—”Be Ready for Post-Pandemic Life as a Consumer And FAMCOS Exchanger” is finally here!

Excap is an annual event to explore your knowledge and experience of studying abroad through teleconferences.

In collaboration with AACIM ( Asian Association for Consumer Interest and Marketing ) , this year’s will be featuring a lecture by Prof. Fandy Tjiptono, an Associate Professor at the School of Marketing and International Business, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW)—who has more than 25 years of marketing teaching experience at both undergraduate and graduate levels at several universities in Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, and New Zealand. His main research interests are consumer behavior, business strategies, brand management, customer service, and marketing.

In our 2nd session, will also be featuring Rehuel Hananiel Yudo Sirey (Awardee IISMA 2022, Monash University) and Fadilla Marrizka Laily (Student Exchange Participant 2019-2020, Universiti Putra Malaysia) as our speaker!

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